About Us

I started making Ommie bars in my home kitchen when I discovered my oldest son was anaphylactic to nuts and tree nuts. None of the energy bars in the market were safe for my family's needs so I ventured out to build a brand that is not only allergy friendly but also represents my personal values around eating and living mindfully. Inspired by my yoga and meditation practice Ommie was born, as in Ohm-Me (meaning I am Ohm, an invitation to celebrate our wholeness - mind, body and soul).

Ommie bars are made with only a few simple ingredients and are free of added sugars and free of fillers like dates, flours or oats prevalent in most energy bars. All our bars are heart-crafted by my family's hands in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It's a labor of love but, we love it. We devote 5% of profits to fighting hunger and homelessness in Minnesota through our local partner Open Your Heart to the Hungry & Homeless, because I believe the good that you do comes back to you. 

Eat and live more mindfully,


Founder Ommie Snacks

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