Tired of snacks you can't eat, or make you sick? We are too. 

That's why we handcraft energy bars from a few simple ingredients: fruits, seeds, and spices. That's it.

Allergy friendly, vegan, and free of junk, Ommie bars are a safe and delicious option so everyone can enjoy. 

Eat mindfully. Live mindfully.

how it all began

When I found out my son was anaphylactic to nuts and tree nuts my family's life changed. Finding safe, nutritious and delicious snacks that my family could enjoy became my priority. However, choices were pretty limited. As a self-proclaimed health nut, I decided not to compromise on quality, taste or nutrition. I launched Ommie Snacks to provide the  best and most delicious energy bars in the market.

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from our kitchen to yours


Made with dried fruits, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and spices. That's it! No nuts or tree nuts, no wheat, no gluten, no soy, no eggs, no dairy, so everyone can enjoy. Healthy eating and healthy living is our mantra.


Plant-based, natural ingredients, minimally processed. Better for our bodies and the environment. No animal products including eggs, dairy, and honey. We have you covered!

Free of Junk

Our first ingredient? Always the fruit that gives each bar its flavor. No dates, no flours, no oats, no added sugars, no artificial flavors, no added proteins. Say no more!

heart-crafted by hand

Locally made in Minnesota. Every single bar is handmade, hand cut and hand sealed by our family so you can enjoy the freshest bars in the market. Don't resist, and try them all!


our philosophy is simple.

We believe what we feed our body, mind and soul is what we become. That is why we make food that tastes good, feels good, and does good. Ommie bars were created to inspire you to eat mindfully, live mindfully, and give mindfully.

Every product Ommie sells supports our local non-profit partner 'Open Your Heart', helping fight hunger and homelessness in Minnesota.

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proudly investing in our local community