Variety Packs

Fruit and Seed Granola Bar Variety Packs

Our fruit and seed granola bar variety packs are great snacks for those allergic to peanuts, soy, or eggs, or for those with gluten and dairy intolerances. Aditionally, they are perfect for those looking for a tasty, healthy, and vegan snack. These fruit and seed granola bar variety packs promote fiber intake and good sugar consumption, while providing a significant source of protein. Our granola bar packs come in 9 delicious flavors everyone can enjoy. I created Ommie Snacks because my oldest son’s food allergies barred him from enjoying a regular, store-bought granola or energy bar. This inspired me to create a product for those with food allergies to be able to have a quick, on-the-go granola bar that is safe and delicious. 

Shop our collection of fruit and seed granola bar variety packs today!

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