Our Mantra

    We believe everyone should have access to real & delicious food made with quality and integrity. And, that our bodies and the planet deserve to be treated with love and respect.
    • We are Real & Authentic: At Ommie Snacks what you see is what you get. Our delicious allergy free and vegan energy bars are made with quality ingredients you can trust and pronounce. Our packaging is sustainable and carefully designed to fit and protect the product without creating unnecessary waste.
    • We Step Into The Unknown: we take risks and go against conventional wisdom. You may see us do something crazy, we may stumble, we may fall. But our vision will lift us up and keep us moving forward
    • We Remain Unswayed By The Need To Be Liked: We will do what is right and we will support what is right. This includes showing our commitment to transparency and supporting the natural food movement, and inspiring people to aspire to eat and live more mindfully by sharing our philosophy around food, holistic health and sustainability
    • We Seek Fulfillment Beyond Material Satisfaction:  We do business not only for profit, but for people and the planet. We are passionate about creating positive social change to make tomorrow better. That’s why every product Ommie Snacks sells supports our local non-profit partner 'Open Your Heart', helping fight hunger and homelessness in Minnesota.