Nut-Free Vegan Granola Bars

What makes Ommie bars so special?

Ommie nut-free vegan granola bars are a delicious choice everyone can enjoy. These energy bars are gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free for peace of mind. All our snack bars are also free of added sugars, dates or oats. We are proud to be a Spokin Food Verified brand.

Why do we skip the dates, flours, or oats?

Have you noticed the first ingredient in most energy bars? Yep. It's dates, or flours mixed with sugary syrups, or oats mixed with the same sugary syrups. Why? It's an inexpensive way to get to the total weight of the bar while maximizing profits. Any of these fillers are much cheaper than giving you the ingredients that prompted you to buy. Just check the price of 1 lb of dates or oats, vs 1 lb of dried cherries. 

Without naming other energy bars, do you ever wonder why that 'Cherry Chocolate' flavored bar tastes more like dates than cherries? Or, why that 'Apple Cinnamon' bar you bought looks black just like that other 'Cranberry' bar you purchased?  Or, why no matter what flavor you buy they all taste sort-of-the-same? Well, they're likely all made with dates, and just enough of the fruit you wanted to taste.

Or, do you ever wonder why most granola bars seem to all taste the same? Oats mixed with syrups and sugars, a little bit of something else, and voila. A regular tasting somewhat bland bar.

At Ommie, with our nut-free vegan granola bars, we skip the dates, the oats, the flours, and the added sugars because for us we put people before profits. Your health and wellness, and giving you food with integrity, are our top priority.


Our first two ingredients? Dried fruits and seeds. 

The first ingredient in our nut-free vegan granola bars? The dried fruit that gives our bars their delicious taste, texture and color.

For example, Cherry Chocolate Ommie bars? Guess the first ingredients? Bingo, it's dried cherries! Or Apple Cinnamon Ommie bar? It's made with dried apples. My personal favorite, Banana Ommie bar is made with dried bananas

    ... get it?

    Next, we mix them with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, a few spices, and that's it. Simple. Delicious. Natural ingredients carefully blended together so you and your family can enjoy. Ommie bars are perfect to be eaten straight from the package. They are also perfect to be used in recipes, or mixed as a topping on your favorite yogurt bowl, chia pudding, smoothie, or wholewheat toast. Try it with ice-cream too!


    You'll love Ommie nut-free vegan granola bars for the ingredients we use, and those we don't!

    We make these snack bars with NO peanuts, NO wheat, NO eggs, NO dairy, NO soy, NO sesame seed so that everyone can have a snack with the peace of mind that Ommie bars will be safe for everyone, and delicious! All our bars DO contain coconut oil which is highly refined, losing its allergenic properties in the process. However, if you are extremely sensitive please check with your doctor first.

    Also, we do have two flavors Coconut Carob and Coconut Pineapple that DO have organic dried coconut in the ingredient list. Again, please check with your doctor if you are allergic to coconut.


    Ommie Bars are for everyone in the family to enjoy.

    Ommie Snacks energy bars were created to be enjoyed by anyone, not just people with allergies and sensitivities. With the growing prevalence of food allergies more schools are becoming more stringent about what students can bring for snacks and in their lunchboxes. Ommie bars are a great alternative for kids to bring to school, or for working parents to bring on trips or to the office, or as a snack before or after a workout.

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