Our Story

our story

Claudia’s journey started as a young child in her native Colombia. At 8 years old, her mother introduced her to yoga. This planted a seed for pursuing a mindful relationship with food, her body and the world around her. At 15, she became vegan. At 19 she joined a yoga-centered dance practice where the connection between movement, music and finding one’s center became transformative. Through yoga and dance she found a deep connection with her true-self and the world around her. So transformative that she abandoned her engineering studies mid-career to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship and eventually two master degrees. Her vision was to build her own company, provide jobs, make a difference. Now, if she just had an idea! Not any idea. A BIG idea.

But, the idea didn’t come and so, life went on: she married a wonderful man, moved to the U.S, had two kids, and started to work in Corporate America as a marketing manager of national branded processed foods. Yep, processed foods. That’s when the awakening began. The more processed foods she marketed, the less she ate them. The more she saw, the more she changed: she cooked more from scratch, expanded her vegetable garden, practiced more yoga and danced more often. A flame had been lit. A new transformation had started. After 14 years, and for the second time in her life, she abandoned what she once loved. She left her job to be real, to be authentic, to inspire a movement that drives positive change in ourselves and communities around us. She left it all to launch Ommie™.